Five Salient Features of an Autodesk-Authorised Training Centre

Over the past few years, the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry has evolved considerably, with the widespread use of Building Information Modelling (BIM). It is an advanced process that uses intelligent models to aid the building and infrastructure projects. Autodesk Revit is the most preferred software across several countries for creating BIM virtual models. As the adoption of Building Information Modelling is on the rise, there is a corresponding increase in the demand for Revit experts. An Autodesk-authorised training centre conducts Revit training classes as a part of its courses, which meet the demands of the AEC industry. Such institutes have many excellent features, of which five are listed below:

Practical training on advanced platforms: Every student in the Autodesk-authorised training centre is given extensive training on the practical aspects of Autodesk Certified Testing Center and BIM. This is done to meet the requirements of the AEC industry while recruiting CAD professionals. The latest Revit platform along with other software is used in all courses offered at such institutes. Greatest benefit of such practical training programmes is that students get the required exposure to real-world scenarios. This also equips them with all the necessary skills in dealing with various problems that they might face during their career.

Qualified and experienced trainers: For students to be well-versed with all the aspects of CAD and BIM, it is necessary to have qualified and experienced trainers to coach them. The professional trainers at the Autodesk-authorised training centre are Autodesk and Adobe certified, with a vast experience in coaching and real world projects. Students can stay updated with trends of the AEC industry and learn the features and functions of latest software under their expert guidance. Such trainers also have the ability to provide quality training to the staff of corporate organisations and to educational institutions.

An excellent infrastructure: An Autodesk-authorised training centre is certified by leading organisations like URS and ISO for its quality. Such classes are strategically located at convenient places in the metropolis, which makes them easily accessible to the students. These institutes are also equipped with all the modern facilities that are required for creating a comfortable environment and a pleasant learning experience.

Internship programme: An experience on live project always gives students an advantage over those who possess only a course certification while applying for jobs. The internship programme offered at the Autodesk-authorised training centre is designed to provide students with valuable skills in BIM and CAD design technologies. They get a certificate indicating their work experience following the successful completion of their internships. It helps them to begin their career with great confidence, which comes from the time spent with professionals in the industry during their internship programme.


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