5 Ways To Keep Your Child Entertained This Summer

Summer vacations are no longer same. Our childhood days of summer vacations were pretty simple and lazy – watching television, fighting over ice creams, playing cricket match, sleeping till late, going for family trips. That’s it! But, this 24X7 connected gen no longer gets excited over such lazy holidays. They seek constant interaction with technology, undisrupted connectivity. They ask for constant challenges & learning.  They are the gen of tabs & smart phones. How can parents keep this gen kids entertained, active for entire vacation? The trick is to plan thoughtfully, wisely and well in advance. 
This Summer Camp in Jaipur, gift your child a cutting-edge skill, introduce them to futuristic path-breaking summer tech camp & lend wings to their imagination. Now building a cool robot, making own racing video game, making an innovative android app is really a child’s play. Literally!
Why start early?
Are you wondering if your kids are too young to get them started on technical stuff? Well, here are some reasons why you should.
  • Coding is one of the world’s most widely used languages
  • Teaching your child how to code when they are still young is important, because kids have an easier time learning skills than adults do – their minds are flexible and open far easier when you are young.
  • Kids also need to learn how to code because computers and connected devices are what will shape their world as they grow up, just as physics, Math, Chemistry and Biology shape our world today.
  • Programming builds their confidence and creativity, provides them tools to create a world of limitless possibilities, where they can build their own paths and solutions in their own way.
  • A chance to learn a variety of technical skills that will be handy next time when your computer crashes.
  • Provides a huge leg-up in the competitive job market.
  • Develops passion for advanced technologies.


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