Hadoop Training in Jaipur

What we do at Samyak IT Solutions for Hadoop?

In Samyak IT Solutions we provide the best in real time practical and theoretical knowledge to the students. We never go only with the theoretical sessions; instead we do a complete real time, near real time hands on practice for each and every components of the hadoop ecosystem. We always encourage the students to explore more on all the components; as a result the candidates from every batch are able to deliver a PROOF OF CONCEPT. Below are some of the 

Whom Hadoop is suitable for?

Hadoop and Big Data Hadoop Training in Jaipur related Technology is suitable for all the IT professionals who look forward to become Data Analyst / Data Scientist in future and those who have a good passion towards data handling techniques and to become industry experts on the same. Moreover, hadoop can be pursued by Java as well as non- Java background professionals (including Mainframe, DWH etc.)

Job Opportunity for hadoop?

The demand for Hadoop skills never dies as this technology is like the reactant of a chain reaction where one leads to the growth or creation of another. As we are living in Internet era, we know how much of data is getting generated every day in every aspects of our life starting from the social media, e-commerce, banking, etc… So, it is indispensible need to handle the data. A growing number of companies have begun to tap the technology to store and analyze petabytes of data such as weblogs, click stream data and social media content to gain better insights about their customers and their business. Hence there is a very huge demand for Hadoop professionals.


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