Hadoop is an open source platform that provides excellent data management provision. It is a framework that supports the processing of large data sets in a distributed computing environment. It is designed to expand from single servers to thousands of machines, each providing computation and storage.  Its distributed file system facilitates rapid data transfer rates among nodes and allows the system to continue operating uninterrupted in case of a node failure, which minimizes the risk of catastrophic system failure, even if a significant number of nodes become out of action. Hadoop is very valuable for large scale businesses basing on its proven benefits for enterprises given below:

Advantages for Enterprises:
  1.    Hadoop provides a cost effective storage solution for business.
  2.     It facilitates businesses to easily access new data sources and tap into different types of data to produce value from that data.
  3.     It is a highly scalable storage platform.
  4.     Unique storage method of BigData Hadoop Training in Jaipur is based on a distributed file system that basically ‘maps’ data wherever it is located on a cluster. The tools for data processing are often on the same servers where the data is located, resulting in much faster data processing.
  5.     Hadoop is now widely used across industries, including finance, media and entertainment, government, healthcare, information services, retail, and other industries
  6.     Hadoop is fault tolerance. When data is sent to an individual node, that data is also replicated to other nodes in the cluster, which means that in the event of failure, there is another copy available for use.
  7.     Hadoop is more than just a faster, cheaper database and analytics tool. It is designed as a scale-out architecture that can affordably store all of a company’s data for later use.


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