Why should professionals master their skills of the Salesforce platform?

1) Salesforce has become an important tool for organizations to operate their businesses effectively. As the need increases, the demand and salaries for Salesforce professionals are at an all-time high.

2) Historical strength of Salesforce Training in Jaipur is in its CRM capabilities with the Sales Cloud -making it a major CRM player in the digital marketing space with a series of big name acquisitions.

3) There are approximately 200,000 organizations that are using Salesforce1 platform. All these organizations use Salesforce to leverage various business functions and there are in need of experts who can help them find finest ways to leverage innumerable capabilities of the salesforce platform.

4) There are close to 2000 companies that are developed on top of Salesforce1 platform, thus there is an increased demand for salesforce experts who can help companies continue to build their detailed CRM capabilities.

SalesforceCRM has expanded extensively and organizations are looking for people with updatedknowledge of the Salesforce platform and hands-on working experience -making Salesforce skill, a plus on resumes.
Most of the career counsellors at Samyak IT Solutions get asked this question a lot –“We are looking to make a career change but the concern is that we do not have any background or experience or any basic knowledge in Salesforce.” For people who are reading this blog and in a dilemma about switching their  careers into Salesforce, one thing that needs to be remembered is that Salesforce is just a CRM tool and any tool can be learnt through a comprehensive formal training course without the need of any special background.


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