6 Weeks Industrial Training Program for B. Tech. Graduates

Engineering colleges in India are producing thousands of B. Tech. graduates every year but their campus placements are not ensured by these colleges due to outdated syllabus and changing industry needs. Shortfall in engineering education in most of the colleges has led the institution to design 6 Weeks industrial training b tech which imparts industrial training required for B.Tech. graduates after thorough assessment of skill gaps among students and corporate’s requirement. Shortlisted candidates undergo stringent classroom and lab sessions and they are evaluated on a continuous basis with regular feedbacks. Here, feedback is very essential part as it helps students to know the degree of hard work to be done by them in coming time.

Types of popular 6 Weeks industrial training b tech:

Embedded Linux with ARM

It is one of the most decorated training course designed not only for B.Tech. students but also for M.E., M.Tech and MCA students. It produces professionals who add intelligence through Linux in smart devices with ARM processor platform.

Linux device drivers

It is another course designed for technology graduates to meet other requirements of the industry. Linux device drivers are the programs written on a Linux platform as a system software in embedded systems, who allow user to use application softwares. All projects based on the development of embedded products need candidates who have in depth expertise of Linux device drivers. Roles are awarded on the basis of experience and knowledge.

Software design, development and debugging

This course is not only a good choice for professionally qualified students, but also for the students of non technology background. Essential criteria for success is proper aptitude and willingness to learn, rest of the work is taken care by proper guidance offered by trainers.

Training pedagogy for industrial training:

Training pedagogy involves project based learning which is successfully complemented by conceptual classes. Practical cases are taken up and optimized solutions are developed by participating students. A team of experienced trainers and industry practitioners always maintain close supervision of participants with regular evaluation and feedback system.

Who can do this training course?

Student of B.Tech with electrical, Information Technology electronics and instrumentation streams are most eligible candidates. But, students of M.Tech. , MCA, M.Ss. Electronics can also take up these courses of their choice. Students with non technology backgrounds can take up the courses of software development, design and debugging with prior experience of programming language as a preference.


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