Job-Oriented Courses After 12th – Things to Consider

Success is all about taking the right decisions and making the right choices in life. The decisions you take early in life will have a bearing on the kind of life you will lead and the amount of success that you will have in life.

So it is very important to do things in life that are strategically correct though they may not be immediately profitable. If  you take the academic route after 12th, then there are high chances that you may remain involved with training or instructional roles later in life. But if you choose to go for job oriented courses, then not only will a well sketched out corporate career beckon you, but you can even take a chance with entrepreneurship.

This is because the first few years of your working life will go in learning the craft, but later on as you get acquainted with the business you might want to start out on your own.

As an entrepreneur, you will get the freedom to work at your own time and enjoy super-profits as too much money rides on too few successful companies in the business world. All this and more will happen when you make the right start.

Why to try to go for Job-oriented Courses?
  • Job oriented courses are perhaps the best use of time and money, and offer the perfect head-start to your career. Students at the 12th stage are under severe parental pressure to get selected to professional courses through entrance examinations.
  • But not all of them get can get their cards right including the bright ones. This is because school exams test is what you know, but entrance exams test is what you don’t know. Some students who manage to secure admission to good colleges also pursue job-oriented courses apart from traditional general courses.
  • While others with a lower aggregate prefer to join full time diploma courses being offered by various technical institutions.
  • Job oriented courses are quite intensive and are skill based courses that require students to pay an equal emphasis on theory and practical training being imparted by the institute.
  • Most of the faculty members in these colleges have themselves gone through the grind of a professional course and have undergone rigorous training in the industry, and know the nuances of the profession inside out.
  • They know how to develop strategic thinking processes within the minds of students so that they can embark on a journey of self-learning all throughout their lives and emerge as through-bred professionals.
  • Such kind of distilled training helps students to face real life challenges being faced by companies and reap super-profits. And in some cases, students who end up building companies with turnover into crores even donate a part of their earnings to the institute that has helped them stand on their feet.
 Importance of Job-oriented Courses in today’s era
  • Parents who invest a lot in their child’s education right from the pre-school stage to higher secondary stage desire returns from the investments made. They know that job-oriented courses are just the right kind of catalyst that their children need in order to launch themselves into a glittering corporate career that will give them name, fame and money. So they do not mind spending a few extra lakhs in order to get their children the best of professional education.
  • Some even send their children abroad for these courses as it will give them an experience of how life is in the west and develop strong international connections with well-heeled students from all across the globe. Western universities have produced a parade of Prime ministers, Presidents and international celebrities who have made a difference to the lives of millions of people all across the globe.
What if you take
  1. Science: You can opt for Electronics, Mechanical, instrumentation control, Computer Science, Chemical, Aeronautical Engineering, Medicine, military, computer aided design, software engineering, pharmacy, architecture, physiotherapy, para-medical sciences like radiology and similar such fields.
  2. Arts: Humanities students can opt for hotel management, fashion design, ceramic design, leather          garments design, interior design and similar such fields.
  1. Commerce: Students of commerce often pursue chartered accountancy, cost accountancy, chartered financial analysis, management, audit practice and similar such roles.
 Which job oriented course you should opt?
The kind of job-oriented course that you want to take after class 12th depends to a large extent on your capabilities, financial muscle and the tenure of study that you want to undertake. Some fields like hotel management offer three year courses and you start getting jobs after obtaining your degree.

But some fields like medicine are five and half year courses that are topped up with doctorate degrees and one gets eligible for prime jobs after going through the rigors of medical school, internship, fellowship and post-doctoral research that would take around 8-10 years. Depending on your personal preference and family circumstances, you should take the best course of action consulting your parents, teachers and advisors in your close circle.

Things to consider when selecting Job-oriented Courses after 12th
Job-Oriented Courses breed confidence that is so crucial to clearing placement interviews where you have to compete with the best for the top jobs at the management trainee level. These placement interviews can be gruelling with group discussions, written tests coupled with psychometric tests, personal interviews before a final job offer is made to the candidate in the campus interview.

Apart from these, job-oriented courses are a gateway to financial freedom and can give students a sense of independence that nothing else can. It is even more liberating for female candidates as they do not have to depend on their husbands for their daily expenses. Their job becomes the source of their happiness and they end up being better mothers as compared to those who don’t opt for professional courses and restrict themselves to matrimony and motherhood.

Last but not the least, it is advisable that you take your career decisions with proper planning and foresight, keeping an eye on market trends and not follow the herd mentality. It’s your career, your life and you will have to play your cards very carefully in order to reach the summit in your profession.


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