What is an importance of 6 Weeks industrial training?

6 Weeks Industrial Training programs are very beneficial part of any technical studies related to the field of IT, for example, BCA, MCA, B. Tech, B.Sc (IT) graduate program (IT) and so on. With the global technological growth in the IT sector education system realizes the difference between IT education and education pertaining to the other areas and disciplines. Therefore, these courses have been designed to suit the requirements of the industry and provide the industry with highly skilled/ qualified professionals. 6 months project based training, which is a mandatory part of the curriculum, apart from the regular classroom teaching helps in development of a professional from a student.

There are number of best industrial providers in Jaipur. They are organizing industrial training from last prolonged years of their career. Students get informative knowledge about selected courses. Industries should have professional or expert mentors who provide all kind of technical education.

Students can select from a variety of prevalent technologies are taught in their college or a common industry, like Java (Core and Advanced, Spring, Hibernate), DOT NET (SharePoint 2007), software testing, embedded systems, web development, Oracle, C, C++, PHP (Advance PHP), CCNA etc. Afterwards students have chosen a specific field then they can take effective measures to joining such training programs that entail following benefits for the students:

• Students will perform task or any work on live project during the training, with the application of the concepts learned simultaneously. Projects will be easier to effectively perform practical based learning.

• Students get the training from industry professionals who have years of experience and working in real-time projects as well as they share the same with the students during the course of training.

• It is very important to get training on the upgraded features of each technology, which helps them to clear the interview more effectively. Advanced course content in consultation with industry experts leaves no gap between the students' knowledge base and industrial demand.

• Comprehensive industry technology to synchronize with the requirements of the IT industry, which helps to get into a good position in industry specific knowledge to students.

• Specialized knowledge of technology, which provides a platform for students to choose a career in the future.

• Gives students the opportunity to apply to actual practice fundamentals and concepts that they learn through books.

• A smooth transition to working life for students.

• Acquisition of skills as per industry norms.


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