Why Summer Training need to be taken seriously for B Tech Students?

Engineering or B.Tech is still one of the most challenging and prospective options for students, after completing graduation from schools. Most of the ambitious students put all their efforts for acquiring this degree. But the competition is growing tougher day by day. Besides qualifying regular test and completing other academic projects, they need to focus on the summer training too. Summer training which gives an in-depth knowledge of the function of the field is a very important part of the degree. Read on to know all about it.

Companies always look for candidates who are technically sharp, creative, with analytical bent of mind. They are in search of people who don’t need training and can immediately start working. That is the reason that the budding B.E/B.Tech Engineers or MCA graduates or all I want to say that fresher’s face a number of problems when they are apply for jobs after finishing their degree. The ultimate solution which came in this scenario was to give an industrial exposure to these students so that both employer and employee, both are benefitted to some extent.
  • Summer Training  in Jaipur is an effective period which helps in gaining depth technical knowledge of the field.
  • Industrial exposure helps in enhancing technical skills of the person that makes clearly differentiates him from the crowd at the time of interview.
  • Helps you in choosing your area of specialization and also in understanding your area of interest.
  • Practical oriented learning and working with a team helps a student in knowing more about the industrial environment.
  • The certificate which one gets is globally accepted.
  • Most of the industries follow demonstrations and workshops of projects which helps in learning more.
  • Students get a chance to interact with software developer trainers, corporate trainers and software engineer trainers. Here they can solve all their queries regarding the tasks.
  • The certification provided by the reputed companies is the highlight of your resume and reflects your practical industrial knowledge too
  • For hiring fresh B.Tech candidates most of the alleged IT and software visit the “Industrial Training Organizations”. Because they are not at all interested in giving training to candidates and they just want the maximum output from day one.
  • The project on which students work during the training helps the employers in judging the capabilities of the candidate.

Duration : 4 weeks / 2 months / 3 months/ 6 months/
Registrations are Open !! For further queries feel free to call us at +91 9772271081 or mail us at contact@samyakinfotech.com
Site : https://www.samyakinfotech.com/


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