Internships For College Students

At most colleges and universities, students are required to complete an internship before they can receive their degree. There are many benefits to internships, but the most important is that they give students hands on experience in their field of study. When deciding which internship will be best, there are a few things that all students should take into consideration.

Many students are reluctant to take an internship that does not pay them. Of course, it would be ideal for every student to find a paid internship. They would be able to focus only on their studies and not have to worry about doing something else to make money. However, it is important to remember that the point of an internship is to make connections and gain experience, so even unpaid positions do have a great deal of value.

When exploring their options, many students are tempted to go with the biggest company and the most impressive name. While there is something to be said for an internship with a prestigious company, students should not necessarily rule out the smaller ones. Potential employers will be well aware that a student runs the risk of getting lost in the shuffle at a large company, while they are almost guaranteed hands on experience with a smaller group.

If a student had any high school internships, those companies may be a good place to start when looking for an internship in college. It will reflect positively on them when their resume shows that they did so well in their first internship that the company wanted to have them back. Plus, the more time a student spends with one company the better their chances will be of securing a job there after graduation.

If a student searches high and low for their dream internship and cannot find it, they may consider making one up themselves. All they need to do is call up a company they are interested in working with and ask if they would consider having an intern. They will most likely be impressed with the initiative the students shows and are very unlikely to turn down some free help.

Finding internships for college students can be a challenge but, with a bit of research, they should be able to find something that suits their needs. It is important to remember that an internship does not have to pay in order to be a valuable experience. The more time that a student can spend in the real world work environment, the better off they will be when they graduate.


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