Keys to a Successful Internship

1. Be Visible and Make an Impression
Introduce yourself to other employees, managers, supervisors, and officers of the company at every opportunity. Remain friendly, and exhibit behavior that sets you apart so that people remember you favorably. Send written notes of thanks to those people who help you.

2. Exhibit a “Can Do” Attitude
Eagerly accept any task given to you – even menial jobs such as getting coffee. Keep up with the news about the company and any major events that affect it. If a big sale occurs, for example, congratulate the salesperson, and ask for tips on his or her best sales techniques. Participate in office meetings appropriately, responding to questions or offering suggestions when asked.

3. Ask Questions
If you don’t know or understand something, ask about it and remember the answers. No one expects you to know everything about the business; that’s the purpose of the internship.

However, ask questions that show you’ve done your homework, and take notes that you can review to reinforce your understanding. Don’t ask questions that have obvious answers or repeat the same question – people will know you’re either blowing smoke to try to impress them, or simply don’t care enough to remember the answer.

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4. Make Valuable Contacts
The former President of the United States, George H.W. Bush, was reputed to have one of the most extensive list of personal contacts of any person seeking public office; his Rolodex was legendary, with names ranging from the leaders of the world to the children of gardeners who had served on his father’s estate. President Bush worked actively to maintain his contacts, never knowing when a person from his past might be valuable in his current activities.

Businesspeople are no different. As you get older, many problems are solved by who you know, rather than what you know.

5. Exit With Grace and Gratitude
Ideally, an internship enables you to develop new skills, gain valuable contacts, and increase your personal confidence. These accomplishments are possible because the sponsoring company was willing to invest its time and resources to design and maintain an intern program that met its needs, as well as the goals of the interns.

As a consequence, you should be thankful for the chance to participate in the program and work with the company. Let the company know of your appreciation by sending personal letters of thanks to the president, the manager of human resources, and the mentors and employees who shared their time and knowledge with you during the program.

6. Reinforce the Value of Interning
If you obtained the intern position through a school or sponsoring organization, inform them of your appreciation of the program with specific mention of the experience you gained. These actions will preserve the program for those who follow you, just as you benefited from the interns who preceded your employment.


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